Mathé (born Martina Vejlupkova) is a Czech photographer living in South Morava.

Mathé was inspired to take up photography by her grandfathers. She was fascinated by the painstaking preparation involved in taking a photograph using their two lensed reflex Flexaret cameras.

She set about teaching herself photography which became her passion to which she now devotes all her time.

Mathé finds the possibility of self-expression during the whole process, from the initial idea, to sketching and realisation. Although well versed in modern techniques, Mathé enjoys using older, more complex, film and photo processing techniques.


The greater part of Mathé’s work is modern, conceptual photography with touches of surrealism; a clean style created through the use of simple lines, balanced colours and retro elements.

The photographs express her state of mind, the paradoxes of life and death together with flashes of absurd humour.

By contrast, Mathé’s still life photographs are how she communicates most naturally but she still manages to surprise the viewer through her freedom of expression and absolute control of the created scene.