Theory of relativity of H₂O

Theory of H2O relativity is a series of 5 pictures focused on the topic of consumption and worldwide irrational overuse of water. As in our modern world we are more used to change, damage, not maintain or repair our things, plants or relationships. This series of photographs is stressing out important things in our lives.

The series was awarded Silver in Fine Art/Other and Country Pick (Czech Republic) in competition TOKYO INTERNATIONAL FOTO AWARDS 2019 and 2st Place Winner in Conceptual in FINE ART PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS 2019/2020.


The name of the photography is a tribute to the Italian spaghetti westerns and the creation of such a great filmmakers as Sergio Leone. It deliberately evokes the memory of these films where human life is not valued. This behavior is a slightly paradoxical parallel to the food wasting. The bathroom strainer represents a waste. Dots made of ketchup are not only the most common flavor of the spaghetti, but also it can be viewed as a drop of blood that can be matter of reality or imaginary.


The photography reacting on our consumption habits when it comes to the clothes usage. It is a memory of our great-grandparents, who was probably using one fifth of clothes which we are wearing nowadays and many times we just throw away at the end of the year. One shoe which is polished represents the care and maintenance of things which we have during the life, we care about them and try to extend their durability in comparison to the other shoe which is left carelessly.


The photography is a reaction to our excessive care about ideally mowed lawn. Every piece of grass is mowed with care, watered and fertilized, just to have a little green perfection around us. But what about the stuff behind the fence?


This photography is expressing our desire for beauty. The fragile line between beauty and superficiality connected to our appearance. We should much more care about our inner beauty which would also brighten our appearance. Very often we act it the way to please the others and not care about ourselves at all.


The photography is a reflection of our relationship to the water and our surroundings. We are sucking this important element out of nature, where is needed for other live beings and plants. Let´s try to understand our symbiosis with the Earth and help also other people, animals and plants – at least in our neighborhood!